Melina Seeto

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TEFL Certificate
Specialised TEFL – Teaching Young Learners
Secondary Education majoring in physical education
Business Certificate
CrossFit Training Certificate
Workshops and training related to childcare assistance, personal embodiment, yoga, feminine awakening, sculpturing and paintwork.


I have worked over the years with children as a child care assistant and providing support and taking care of children through au pair work in Switzerland and London.

Více o mně

I am from Australia and began teaching since moving to the Czech Republic. I have always had a passion to be involved in the development and teaching of children, in particular through recognising their unique gifts and expressions that they offer to the world. I also thoroughly enjoy the aspect that children assist in broadening my own learning and development of self. I believe that children are in themselves teachers and I am there to guide them through their experience of educating themselves through play, nature, imagination and interaction in learning English.

From my love of arts, nature and working with the natural functional movements of our body - I love to incorporate each of these aspects in teaching and guiding children in their education. I believe it is vitally important that children are able to feel fully nurtured in their experience of learning and I support this by creating a safe and supportive environment to guide children to explore language and themselves.
In my spare time I love to go for walks, practice yoga and continue my love of art through writing, embroidery, sculpture work and painting. I enjoy educating myself in the areas of psychotherapy in the field of children’s development, plant medicine, and overall health.
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